New Red Ram video!

New Album in 2022!

That’s right folks RED RAM is back! Check out the new single & video ‘Don’t Know the Way’ out now everywhere!
Mark is in the studio… expect a brand new album from Red Ram in 2022. More on that soon…


Some call it electro-grunge, but most feel that label is too limiting. 

Slip Away

In 2010 Red Ram released Slip Away, its most polished and cohesive release to date. Just like Stars Ablaze, ‘Slip Away’ received radio play on both commercial and community radio stations across Canada.

“[Red Ram] jumps and cross cuts between ‘90s alternative, heavy metal, and electronica-drenched guit-pop… Stars Ablaze manages to entertain and surprise at every turn.”

~ Francois Marchand, The Edmonton Journal

“Flavoured with rock of the 80s-feeling electro variety, but the open, warm production and prevalence of good guitar keeps it from sounding inorganic – a good thing, because your girlfriend’s gonna play the hell out of it.”

~ Rick Overwater, BeatRoute Magazine, Calgary

Red Ram is known for cutting-edge sounds, skilled songwriting and a wide variety of styles. The band mixes modern and vintage sounds, putting forward fresh ideas while maintaining a rock ‘n’ roll ethic.

Red Ram is led by creative songwriter, Mark Feduk. The band is known for carefully crafted songs and a unique blend of sounds. Red Ram is available on streaming and download sites worldwide, and at A new single was released in Nov 2020, and a new album is due in 2021! 

New sIngle ‘Don’t Know the Way’ out now everywhere!